Photographer Spends 3,000 Hours to Colorize Black and White Photos of Famous Faces from History 

Black and White Photos Colorized Famous Faces From History

Austrian photographer Mario Unger breathes new life into old, black and white photos with vibrant colors. From stars of the silver screen to 19th century street scenes, Unger has spent a staggering 3,000 hours carefully restoring and colorizing a vast collection of historical photos.

The photo retoucher began the project with the aim to narrow the visual gap between history and modern life. “The reason for doing all of this work was to reduce the felt distance in time a little bit,” Unger explains. “I love to transport feelings from the past into the present day and that only works with ‘real’ colors.”

Adrienne Ames (“From Hell To Heaven”, 1933)

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly With Robert Cummings, Famous Bruegel Painting On The Wall

Julie Adams In “Creature From The Black Lagoon”, 1954

Humphrey Bogart, “Casablanca”, 1942

Albert Einstein

Abraham Lincoln

Walt Disney, 1931


Oscar Wilde

Crown Prince Rudolf Of Austria, 1889

Mulberry Street, New York, 1900

East Side Jewish Market, 1895

Texas Couple, Early 20th Century

Maud Wagner, 1905



Frederik Chopin

Louis And Grace

Silvia Sidney And Henry Fonda In “You Only Live Once” (1937)

Charlie Chaplin in “The Kid,” 1921


Saturn Booster Tests | NASA



Geisha, 1900

Grace Kelly

The Andrews Sisters

Marilyn Monroe, 1951

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